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Wherever the installation and/or maintenance of refractory systems requires a specialist approach, the professionals at Gouda Vuurvast Services are ready to provide the expertise, reliability and quality needed. We do this 7 days a week, 24 hrs a day. Whether it concerns a malfunction, a project, a one-day job or scheduled maintenance on the basis of a multi-year contract, a network of field staff throughout the Netherlands keeps communication lines short and means they can be deployed quickly.

Coming up with solutions together with the client

Whether it concerns waste incinerators, oil crackers, gasifiers or smelting furnaces, our specialists are able to build and maintain all kinds of refractory systems. Our expertise and focus are primarily on three industry groups: Non-ferrous, Petrochemical and Environment & Energy. However, decades of experience have broadened the scope of our work across every industry segment where refractory linings are used. In addition to installation work, Gouda Vuurvast Services provides added value by working with the client to develop ideas for specific solutions. If the nature and scope of such a solution requires it, we work with third parties, such as engineering specialists, on a project-by-project basis. Thanks to our long-standing relationships, we are familiar with our client’s business operations and we know our way around, both literally and figuratively.

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Providing maintenance services at Gouda Vuurvast Services means that we are always on call. This can be along a pre-defined process in the case of structurally planned process stoppages as well as preventive maintenance according to a schedule. In addition to this, our strength lies in corrective maintenance on an incidental basis. All according to detailed agreements. This can range from opening a shaft for an inspection, possibly followed by a repair, to the complete replacement of a refractory lining.

In-house source of knowledge

The demands placed on refractory materials are many and varied. Consistency with other operational requirements of the customer, such as abrasion resistance, often requires technical compromises. The in-house laboratory of Gouda Vuurvast Services acts as an advanced source of knowledge for our technologists in the design and development of responsible, custom solutions.


Our clients can rely on 100% focus when it comes to working safely. All in accordance with the highest applicable standards, including the VCA Petrochemical regulations. Gouda Vuurvast Services' rigorously trained employees have earnt this trust thanks to an exceptionally low accident rate.



The organisational and physical proximity of the other operating companies within the Gouda Refractories Group enables Gouda Vuurvast Service to benefit from excellent synergies through cooperation with its sister companies, such as Gouda Refractories. Gouda Vuurvast Services acts as a general contractor, who is identifiable and can be approached at any time during each and every project.

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