(Petro) Chemical

At Gouda Vuurvast Services, we are committed to being a reliable partner in the Petrochemical sector, in which we offer comprehensive services in inspection and maintenance. Our expertise spans a wide range of plant types, enabling us to contribute to the safety, efficiency and sustainability of your assets.

Our Services

1. Inspection

Our highly qualified inspection teams carry out in-depth analyses on your petrochemical plants. From reactors and furnaces to FCCU units, we identify potential risks and defects in order to provide proactive solutions. Our inspections meet stringent standards and are focussed on minimising downtime and ensuring compliance with the applicable regulations.

2. Maintenance

A professional maintenance programme is essential for a seamless and safe operation of petrochemical equipment. We offer comprehensive maintenance, both preventive and corrective, to extend the service life of your equipment and improve operational efficiency. Our teams are on hand to intervene quickly and effectively when required.

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