Better incineration process and lower maintenance costs

Gouda Vuurvast Services always strives to deliver the most optimal products. Yet in the past, refractory linings already proved to be unsatisfactory after only two years of use, for instance, due to heat caused by random chemicals in waste. We have been held accountable as a company for this even though we were never part of the actual process. We had to be able to do things differently. And things can be done differently!


Using process data from simulation models, we can better control incineration processes and ultimately predict when damage will occur. As a result, inspections can be carried out more quickly and processing downtime is kept to a minimum.


As an innovative service company, we are closely involved in two unique projects:

De Lerende Steen

As the initiator of the “De Lerende Steen” innovation project, we are working together with a number of other parties to be able to intervene at an early stage in the incineration process.

De Rosettasteen

“De Rosettasteen” is a collaborative project that that aims to prevent unexpected downtime at waste incineration plants, thereby reducing maintenance costs.